Can’t handle the heat? Don’t sweat, armpit fans will be your new best friend

Summer has finally arrived here in Britain and we’re all so hilariously unprepared we’re LITERALLY melting. We may love a bit of Dua Lipa’s ‘Hotter Than Hell’, but we’re basically on fire rn.


With heat comes sweat, and LOTS of it, making our daily commute on the tube very sticky and uncomfortable. Seriously, random stranger, plz move your armpit away.

Japanese company ‘Thanko’ feels our pain and have come up with a solution to stop you turning into a sweaty mess. Armpit fans.


Lol what? Yep, they really exist and it might just be the weirdest thing we’ve ever seen.

Clip them into your shirt sleeves and they’ll not only circulate cold air around your pits, but also probably attract the attention of every single other person around you.

Er, props for trying, but we think we’ll stick to just vigorously fanning ourselves with our hands.


Would you ever try armpit fans? Let us know your thoughts @maximumpop

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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