Ariana Grande shuts down this huge celebrity live on air and shows him who’s boss

Spilling tea live on the radio is kinda a big deal and Ryan Seacrest was doing everything in his power to get Ariana Grande to dish the deets on the relationship with Mac Miller. She wasn’t having any of it.


Ariana went to town and shut down Ryan live on the air. He got a major telling off from our girl and we’re super proud of her for standing her ground. Also, it’s none of your bizznizz Ryan.

You tell him Ari. We’re all here to have a good time and talk about how insanely talented Ariana is and her crazy career. We also wouldn’t mind knowing which shampoo and conditioner she’s using. #haironfleek


If you’d like to keep up with Ari and actually see/talk about stuff she’d happily share, then go add her on Snapchat!

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