It’s showtime! Ariana Grande is going back to musicals and would be PERFECT for these 6 roles

Ariana Grande has dropped the mic (temporarily) to star in ‘Hairspray Live!‘, this year as Penny Pingleton aka the most accurate role for Ari ever.


Since we know theatre, musicals especially is Ari’s first love, we thought why not pick out which roles she’d slay at it and should deffo be cast in.

Gabriella Montez – ‘High School Musical’


Admit it, if Vanessa Hudgens hadn’t been cast and Ari was older, she would 100% be Gabriella.

Eliza – ‘Hamilton’


A role in the hottest play of the century. Seeing Ariana get into the hip-hop musical scene would be life changing.

Dorothy – ‘The Wizard of Oz’

giphy (3)

Easily one of the most iconic roles and literally perfect for Ariana. A leading role for a leading lady.

Rizzo – ‘Grease’


Straight up perfect, sassy Rizzo. Again, if Vanessa wasn’t cast in ‘Grease Live!’, Ariana definitely would have. Here’s hoping for a role on Broadway instead!

Holly Golightly – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’


Although this never officially opened on Broadway, it toured the UK a while ago and was a major success. How about we give Ariana that leading lady, original role then?



We couldn’t think of an exact role for Ariana because she’d be so different. A mixture between Rachel’s insanely good voice, Santana’s sass and Kurt’s amazing dance skills would make the perfect character for her.

Is there any other musicals you think Ariana should have a crack at? To be honest, she’d slay anything she’s given but let us know @maximumpop who you think would be the perfect role.

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