13 incredible Ariana Grande songs that could have been huge hit singles

She might only be three albums into her career, but Ariana Grande has given us some killer singles already. From the sweet R&B of ‘The Way’ to the sultry electro of ‘Into You’, there is something for everyone. But, her album tracks are as good as the singles. Here are 13 songs that could have definitely been singles.

‘Be My Baby’

The ‘My Everything’ singles run was flawless, but some of the album tracks were very good. One song that could have been given a shot is ‘Be My Baby’, which is such a bop and would’ve been the perfect single between ‘Love Me Harder’ and ‘One Last Time’.

‘Lovin’ It’

Does anyone else think Ari’s first album is criminally overlooked? One of our favourites from ‘Yours Truly’ is ‘Lovin’ It’, which has a similar vibe to ‘Problem’ and ‘Bang Bang’. It’s such a shame it was only an interlude of the “Honeymoon Tour’.

‘Let Me Love You’ (feat. Lil Wayne)

Ok, so we know this was a promo single from ‘Dangerous Woman’. But, as one of the best songs on the album, we wish that she gave it a proper push. The video is also one of her best, so it’s a shame it was wasted on a buzz single.

‘Snow In California’

If there’s one thing we can count on Ari for, it’s a great Christmas song. There are so many good ones on her ‘Christmas Kisses’ and ‘Christmas & Chill’ EPs, but we think ‘Snow In California’ has the timeless quality that would make it sound fresh year after year.


There’s something incredibly satisfying about a song called ‘Piano’ with a strong piano and lyrics about writing a song on a piano. However, our favourite thing is Ari deciding that she would rather write a bop that makes us want to dance. What a woman.

‘Everyday’ (feat. Future)

Seeing as the ‘Dangerous Woman’ campaign has only just begun, there’s every chance that any of the tracks from it could be singles. Top of our list is ‘Everyday’, which blends everything we love about her: it’s sultry yet really fun.

‘You Don’t Know Me’

Isn’t it annoying when popstars put their best songs as bonus tracks? That doesn’t mean they’re any less single worthy, though. One of our fave ‘My Everything’ tracks is ‘You Don’t Know Me’, which is a perfect strutting anthem.

‘Tattooed Heart’

As strong as Ariana’s singles run is, it’s missing a truly incredible ballad. One such song in her discography is ‘Tattooed Heart’, which is still makes us sob now as much as it did the first time we heard it. This performances from the AMAs is still one of her best, too.

‘Pink Champagne’

Before she found the throwback R&B sound of ‘Yours Truly’, Ariana was experimenting with a poppier sound. One song from that time was ‘Pink Champagne’, which is just a fizzy and sweet as the title suggests.

‘Touch It’

There are so many highlights on ‘Dangerous Woman’, but one of the best is ‘Touch It’. We think it sounds like the older sister to ‘Into You’, with it’s electro production and grown up lyrics. Our fave bit though is the aeroplane take-off sound before the chorus.

‘Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart’

Anything written by Harry Styles should be released immediately in our eyes, which made it sadder when ‘Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart’ was never given the single treatment. We hope this is the quality of Harry’s own music too.

‘All My Love’ (Major Lazer feat. Ariana Grande and Machel Montano)

If there’s one Ariana Grande song that sounds like a monster smash in the making, it’s her collaboration with Major Lazer. ‘All My Love’ was originally included on the ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1’ soundtrack, but we prefer this remix featuring Machel Montano.

‘Honeymoon Avenue’

We don’t know about you, but ‘Honeymoon Avenue’ was our highlight from ‘The Honeymoon Tour’. We’d love it if this had been a single because we’d love more songs like this. Her voice fits this song perfectly, and it all just feels so her.

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