Ariana Grande has diva demands… I mean, who doesn’t these days?

Delete those pics. Definitely don’t tag me in them.

Petite pop starlet, Ariana Grande, showed Australian media this week that she can be quite a handful after cancelling photo shoots in the last minute and demanding for pics to be deleted because she hated the way her top looked in them.

Journalists and photographers were apparently quite taken back by the barrage of restrictions imposed by Ariana’s minders.

But it all seems pretty standard, really. Any person worth their salt in the selfie game would go by the same rules.

Quick tips when photographing Ariana (and also, yourself):

Only shoot from the left side of her face. 

Because you are not Ariana, you’re allowed to pick whichever side of your face happens to be the best. If it’s the right, then so be it.

Don’t use natural light. 

We know sunlight can be pretty harsh, right? Let alone the glorious Australian sun? Why do you think drag queens never do daytime outdoor photo shoots? Ariana (and you) should go by the same principle.

If Ariana Grande cannot have the most basic of diva demands, then frankly, who can?

Areola Grande

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