We’re so proud of Ariana for defending Fifth Harmony from these sexist comments

Ari strikes again!


A few weeks ago Ariana called out Ryan Seacrest for his comments about her relationship with Mac Miller, and she’s back for more blood.

This time she’s stepping in the ring to defend Fifth Harmony from sexism in the music industry.

Read what Ari had to say below and make your own decision as to whether she was out of line, then let us know using the comments box below. Your opinion matters.

During a backstage interview at KIIS FM’s ‘Wango Tango’ Ariana called out the interviewer for comments that he had made when he was chatting to Fifth Harmony back in May.

“You were asking Fifth Harmony at the time if they had boyfriends. Can’t you just let them sing? You’ve always got to tie a woman to a man.

Then she turned to his co-worker,  “he’s not a bad person just a bad interviewer.”

She then added a quick, “just kidding” but then, “I’m not kidding.”

Wow, seriously awkward. How’s that tea tasting? But actually it’s so good to see Ariana speaking her mind. Harmonizers were delighted with her for defending their idols.

Ari is definitely the queen of feminism in the pop world. Some people have accused her of being rude for her comments, but you have to be blunt in order to dissuade interviewers from asking these type of questions. We need to refocus the conversation about music, and not about female pop stars’ love lives.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts using the comments box below.

Read more about Ariana’s stance on feminism.


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