Ariana Grande and the dangerous women of pop

BLOODY HELL! They’re all at it! First Rihanna releases two videos for ‘Work’ and now Ariana Grande has announced she will release two videos for third album lead single ‘Dangerous Woman’. And it looks like she’s going to drop the first one any time now!

To celebrate the release of the ‘Dangerous Woman’ vids, we’ve put together a Burn Book featuring some of the baddest, most dangerous female bosses in town.  Warning: excess of sass.

  1. Ariana Grande

THIS WOMAN IS DANGEROUS! She basically committed genocide by murdering a race of aliens.

2. Rihanna

Make sure she gets her money on time, or else you’ll get to meet Mr. Pointy here.

3. Lady GaGa

Known felon GaGa has previous. She married the night, swallowed a rosary and engaged in a bad romance. Oh and she also killed her boyfriend. The crimes are racking up dear.

4. Katy Perry

She’s coming at you like a dark horse.

5. Taylor Swift

Those ex-boyfriends of hers have been ripped to shreds (possibly literally…). And what kind of monster would destroy such a pretty car?

6. Selena Gomez

For stabbing Taylor in the back! The ultimate girl-on-girl crime.

7. Shakira

Never trust a She Wolf.

8. P!nk

She’s trouble.

9. Miley Cyrus

She is way too comfortable with that sledgehammer.

10. Beyoncé

We saved the worst till last! She’s admitted to being a serial killer for god sakes. WHY DOES NO ONE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY?! #BEYSLAY

beyonce formation slay i slay

Listen to ‘Dangerous Woman’ here:

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