Ariana Grande just made Alan Carr’s Chatty Man a lot more dangerous

Dangerous woman and our wannabe squad bestie Ariana Grande put in an appearance on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ this week and treated us Arianators to a good old-fashioned slumber party.

OK so it wasn’t quite like this but they did have a duvet and they did paint each other’s nails.

We all know that Ariana is as down-to-earth as popstars come and, just like us, she is partial to a good onesie. To the audience’s surprise, our girl Ari only went and turned up for her interview wearing a blue onesie with white lovehearts and STILL MANAGED TO LOOK ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

Despite the daring wardrobe choice, her ponytail was so on fleek and her skin looked flawless as she got her nails painted by Alan. We wouldn’t let him within five miles of our nails but Ari does like to live life on the edge. What I want to know is how Alan managed to get the paint onto her cube fists?

Ariana also shed some light as to why she changed her album  title from ‘Moonlight’ to ‘Dangerous Woman’:

“Moonlight is still a very special song to me but I think Dangerous Woman more accurately represents where I am at.”

Then Alan pulled out a fabulous leather bunny outfit and proceeded to try it on. Not quite sure he pulls it off as well as Ariana.

They also crammed in a bit of Snapchat Face Swap time into the interview and the results weren’t pretty. Turns out Ari should stick to her own face from now on.

Later in the show, Ari also revealed that she cried when she met Jim Carey. We love it when our Ari shows she is human because she’s so damn perfect most of the time! We would cry if we met you Ari!

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Written by David Farrell

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