Happy 23rd birthday Ari! Here’s 23 times you slayed us with your fabulousness

Ari, it seems like only yesterday that we first saw you on ‘Victorious’ and now you’re a fully grown dangerous woman (they grow up so fast don’t they). To pay tribute to you on your special day we want to show you how much you mean to us in the only way we know… a list of your 23 most fabulous moments. Hope you as into it as we are ‘Into You’ 😜.

1) When you made us all FOCUS on you!

You may have been busy slaying with the dance moves, but you ofc had time to brush your hair out your face in the most fabulous of ways.

2) When you loved us all unconditionally

3) When you shone a light when we were in our darkest moments

4) When you taught us that family is what matters most

5) When you got all multilingual on our asses… et nous aimons!

6) When you blessed us this pensive GIF which has come in handy oh so many times

7) When you brought back the sixties

8) When you gave the world this dance. The fabled leg dance.

9) When you proved you are British AF by keeping calm and coughing on. Stiff upper lip

10) When it turned out your boobs were actually rocket launchers. It was an early sign that you’re a dangerous woman.

11) When you did the face grope just right #winning

12) When you did the bicycle

13) When you were feelin’ yourself and felt yourself good

14) When you inspired us all that you can achieve your dreams and meet your idols

you know that we're greedy for / living for love ♡ ♡ ♡ @madonna

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15) When you just couldn’t…

‘Dis reaction…

No Title

No Description

16) When you gave us that look…

17) When you were dangerous AF on the air guitar!

18) When you wuz a badass

19) When you were loved Harry Potter. OMFG US TOO!

20) When you were all about the pooches

my life

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21) When you were a pro at Insta


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22) When we were scared by how stylish you are

23) When you were just sooo fabulous at all times

Happy birthday Ari! Hope you have a great day and hey, if you get time, tweet us @maximumpop. It would make our day precisely 63% more fabulous.

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Written by David Farrell

David is the Head of Content at Maximum Pop!

Having studied Russian and Spanish at the University of Leeds, David moved to Moscow to work in the education sector. Upon returning to UK soil, David initially immersed himself in the wonderful world of MP! as a music writer.

Now head of all things content, David takes being a music fanboy to a whole new level, and can often be found dancing like there's nobody watching to 'Shout Out To My Ex', obsessing over Lauren Jauregui and defending Taylor Swift's honour.

David once appeared on TV in Armenia. Apparently, "it was awesome".

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