Ariana’s too dangerous for the USA. She missed out on the no.1 spot but the UK still loves her

Ariana Grande is the official leader of Dangerous Women, we’ve already got the evidence. This cannot be denied.


However, it seems she’s too dangerous for the US.


That pesky Drake managed to hold the top spot on the Billboard 200 Albums chart this week, meaning Ms. Grande’s latest album ‘Dangerous Woman’ only managed to debut at number two. She did sell 175,000 albums in the first week, though, which is still an incredible achievement!


There is one small problem: landing at number two means Ariana has broken her run of albums debuting at number one as her first album ‘Yours Truly’ from 2013 and ‘My Everything’ from 2014 both went straight to the top.


Drake’s album ‘Views’ has spent four weeks at number one meaning it has now spent the most weeks at the top of the chart for any album by a male artist in more than four years.


But don’t worry Arianators; it’s not all bad news. ‘Dangerous Woman’ still debuted at number one in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Holland and even more countries. The album also had the best global digital sales in its debut week and was the number one seller on iTunes in more than 70 countries. Actual Queen of charts.

Ariana Grande

Come on, Ariana. It’s time to move to this side of the pond with us!

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