Alarm Pop: Ariana Grande- ‘Baby I’

Welcome to another Alarm Pop, that time of day where we deliver you a totes amazepop tune to help you through those long summer days.

Today’s Alarm Pop is an MP! fave that goes by the name of Ariana Grande. You may remember Ariana from such articles as 5 things you need to know about Ariana and Ariana Grande duets with Nathan SykesAriana is the closest that we are going to get another Mariah Carey… EVER. She has amazing vocals and compliments those amazing windpipes with some R&B/Pop.  Little Miss Grande has wowwed us with ‘The Way’ and now she is back with ‘Baby I’.

The song opens immeadiately with what can only be described as that weird noise at the start of Sugababes ‘Get Sexy’ before travelling into Mariah Carey territory and then lingering around by Ashanti for the chorus. The track is very mature for a star as young as Ariana but she really holds her own, lyrically and vocally. The ‘Victorious’ starlett shows a high level of control as she soars to those high notes without shattering any glass. ‘Baby I’ has a strong 90’s R&B vibe, which is not really a sound you expect from a 20 year old.

It’s nice to see Ariana attempt to pave her own pop path without resorting to the common party anthem but we ARE hoping to hear a party anthem with Ariana’s twist on the album. ‘Baby I’ is already making quite the impact in America and we are expecting it to make a similar splash hear in the UK as soon as it drops.

Listen to the vocal stylings of Ariana with ‘Baby I’ below:


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