Are One Direction working with Pharrell? POP BITS.

POP BITS. Pharrell William’s is quickly becoming the new RedOne or Sia with everyone in pop land queuing to work with the former N*E*R*D frontman. Why wouldn’t they? Mr. William’s knows how to make chart toppers and how to remain super cool while doing it. But are One Direction on Pharrel’s “To collaborate” list?

We think this is quite a strong possibility as a photo of Pharrell and 1D’s Liam has appeared on the ‘Get Lucky’ singer’s facebook page (God, Pharrell, get with times! At least instagram it). We are quite possibly about to explode at the prospect of 1D-Pharrell song! Could you imagine a Blurred Lines style video but One Direction play the part of the naked girls strutting around? That’s the stuff pop dreams are made of. POP BITS OUT.

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