Are socks the secret to perfect foundation? Yep, you read that right

We’re always on the lookout for beauty hacks that make life just a little easier, no matter how crazy they sound, and today we’ve found one that might just be the solution to all your foundation woes.


According to beauty blogger, Mayra (aka MayraTouchOfGlam), applying your foundation with a sock, instead of a brush, gives you a perfect base and can be a total makeup game changer.

So how does it work? It’s simple, really.

Just turn your sock inwards to create a ball-shaped spongy applicator, then using the toe or ankle part, buff the foundation into your skin for a flawless streak-free finish.


“It’s crazy how nicely it blends,” Mayra says, even revealing that it’ll save you time “because it’s kind of chubby, it applies so fast.” Plus you can kiss goodbye to the effort of cleaning makeup brushes. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Watch the full tutorial below:

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