Anna Saccone uploads heartbreaking video talking about her miscarriage

As one of our favourite YouTuber families, we were very sad to hear the news that the Saccone-Jolys’ third pregnancy had come to an end at 11 weeks. And we’d just like to take this moment to say we are sending big hugs to all members of the fam, because no one deserves to go through something like that.


The miscarriage was announced via Anna’s Snapchat and discussion of it later featured in the family’s daily vlogs.

Anna then went on to further talk about her experiences in a video on her own channel. She tried to hold back from getting too emotional, as she had previously stated she prefers to grieve in private.

However, she decided to make the video in order to put her own experiences out there on the Internet, as she felt there was a lacking amount of  information on miscarrying and what happens to your body. Good on her — we’re sure it’ll help out other women who may have already  gone through it, or may do in the future.

Earlier in the week, they paid tribute to their little squid, which is what they had been calling the baby, by setting off lanterns. Jonathan also got a tattoo to remember the little one on his hand.

It’s all very emosh, especially with the ‘Tangled’ song playing in the background.

We are sending lots of love to the Saccone-Joly family. We think Anna is a very strong and brave woman, and the way in which she has used this tragic life event to help others is commendable.

Join us over @maximumpop in sending lots of well wishes to the family.

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