Introducing Andrea Hegard, we chat to the Swedish singer from Naughty Boy’s production camp.

We’ve stumbled across a brand new popstar, and you know what we do when we stumble across brand new popstars. We tell you all about them!

Calm down and we will.
Calm down and we will.

Last week we brought you Norwegian boyband Suite 16, and this week we’re keeping it European and treating you to Swedish songstress Andrea Hegard, who has recently unleashed her new single ‘My Love’ on the world, and we’ve already had a chat with her.

Who did you grow up listening to around the house?

Growing up my dad has always been playing a broad variety of music such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, Neil Young, Earth Wind and Fire and many more.

Are those artists your biggest musical influences?

Yes absolutely! Those and others that I started exploring myself when I got a bit older such as Nancy Sinatra, Marlena Shaw, Eartha Kitt, Lauryn Hill, the list goes on. Just any strong, empowered, talented, women.

When did it first click that you had musical talent like your inspirations?

I think when my interest grew and I would constantly be singing and writing songs. It was a given that music would be the thing that made me the happiest and I obviously wanted to pursue it as a career.

You’ve recently released your new single ‘My Love’. How would you describe it to people that haven’t heard it?

It’s a pop track with hip-hop and R&B influences about your one true love. It really reflects where I am at the moment in my life.

How was it filming the music video for the single?

Amazing! One of the funniest days of my life, especially as I had one of my best friends working on the project with me and also had the complete freedom to create my vision. It’s a 70s old school performance video with lots of fade ins and long shots.

Are you currently working on an album?

Over the years I have written and recorded numerous songs. I’m not sure if I will be making an album this year but I’m definitely looking to release two more singles and maybe save the album for next year.

You are from the F Block production camp which is best known for bringing us talent such as Emeli Sande and Naughty Boy. How does your music differ from theirs?

It’s hard to say how we differ because I think everyone has their individual style. They are both incredible artists in their own right. Emeli’s voice is magical and Naughty’s beats are insane. It would be a dream to work with them!

Have you met Naughty Boy and Emeli Sande? What advice have they given you?

Yes, I have met them both! I often see them around the studio. They haven’t given me advice yet but I will make sure to get some next time I see them.

‘My Love’ was produced by ADP, who have worked with the likes of Krept & Konan, what was it like to work with him on your track?

I have known ADP at for years and it’s been super cool to see him grow into an amazing producer. His hip-hop beats are the best and it was an honour to work with him on this track.

As you’re pretty new to the music scene yourself, what advice would you give to budding artists hoping to make it big this year?

It sounds cheesy but stay strong, work hard, and follow your dream.

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years’ time?

Hopefully with an album or two out, lots of live shows and people around the world listening to my music. Oh, and to be happy!

Finally, will there be a chance for your fans to catch you live soon?

There are no confirmed dates yet but stay tuned to my website for dates and info.

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