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A book about two young adults who feel trapped by their situations, and the only obvious solution is to elope? Seriously. It’s awesome. ‘And Then We Ran’ by Katy Cannon is an absolute breath of fresh air. Realistic. Swoony. Exciting.

We caught up with her at the Stripes YA showcase in London and asked her all the questions. Plus, you an WIN a copy for yourself, right here, right now. Keep on scrolling, friends.

Can you describe ‘And Then We Ran’ using only three words?

Romantic. Roadtrip. Elopement.

In ‘And Then We Ran’ Megan and Elliot are both willing to take a massive leap in a direction that would be totally out of the question for most teens. Do you think the pressures to follow a certain path are getting harder for young people? 

I think it depends on the individual. It’s been a while since I was a teenager but I remember it very clearly, the pressure and the sense of expectation. And now, looking back, I suspect a lot of it was the pressure I was putting on myself rather than the outside pressure. I assumed I had to do things in a certain way that people expected I would do certain things. And now, I think actually I could probably have said that’s not for me and done something different.

But at the time I think you are so bound in by what other people thing that it’s very hard to figure out what you think half the time. And that’s why I liked writing Megan, because she knows exactly what she wants.

We love the tagline on the front of the book. “They want to be free, so they’re getting married. Really.” Why do you think we find that element a little bit shocking? Why is two young people committing to each other seen as a little bit taboo? 

I don’t know. But that’s one of the reasons I wanted to write it because I think in lots of ways marriage is seen by people that once you become somebody’s husband or wife you’re no longer somebody else’s child. But of course, it isn’t that anymore, it used to be that tradition of giving a child away, but these days it doesn’t mean that. People getting married young is still seen as a mistake, it’s going to have a bad ending and as a society we still automatically think that.

I like the idea that these says marriage can mean something different. And I also liked the idea of Megan being able to look at marriage and say “you know what? It’s a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be forever and love. It can be. But it’s ultimately going to get me what I want.”

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QUIZ: What kind of friend are you?

Do you have any go-authors that will always inspire you, or comfort you, or make you want to pick up a book regardless?

I’m terrible for re-reading. I re-read A LOT. Because I’ve got young children I’m spending a lot of time re-reading picture books at the moment, so when I have time to read for myself I do tend to fall back on the books that I’ve always loved and the books I know. I do read the books that are by authors represented by my agent, because my agent has exquisite taste and everything she chooses is gold, and so I know I’m going to love it.

What artist or song would be on the soundtrack to your book?

There is a soundtrack! And it’s packed full of the songs that I like that my husband can’t bear to listen to anymore. It’s a good mix.It’s full of things that I was listening to when I was writing the books, that made me think of the characters, made me think of certain scenes, as well as some road trip type songs. ‘There Is A Boy Who Never Goes Out’ by The Lucksmiths. That’s a song my husband can’t stand anymore. There’s some really great ones on there.

Now here’s the winning part! If you want to get your hands on a copy of ‘And Then We Ran’ all you have to do is this:

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