Zoella’s getting tres excited about her editor, Amy Alward’s newest book ‘The Potion Diaries’ – and you should be too

We trust Zoella. Her make-up tutorials are on point, she’s way funny, not to mention totally adorable, and a lot of her videos tackle real-life problems teenagers are going through everyday. Plus, after reading her ‘Girl Online’, we love her even more.

Now, her editor, the wonderful Amy Alward, is publishing her own book: ‘The Potion Dairies’. Think ‘The Hungers Games’ mixed with ‘The Princess Diaries’ – a bit of an mash-up, but stay with us. It’s gonna be good.

Amy has said the book is about “A young alchemist who is trying to save the princess who has been poisoned by a faulty love potion”, and it’s also set in the modern world, meaning we’re dealing with a princess that’s a little less Rapunzel, and a little more Kate Middleton, to paraphrase Simon and Schuster.

Zoella, of course, is way excited for ‘The Potion Diaries’, and even said it sounded like a fairy tale. Sounds perfect to us.

Released July 2nd you can preorder it, right here.

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Written by Laura Fulton

Book Channel Editor at MaxPop! Have a thing for the sea and pretty paperbacks. Saved by amazing grace.

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