Amy Alward author of ‘The Potion Diaries’ takes on the Whisper Challenge for MP! TV

‘The Potion Diaries’ is a fun read packed with magic and wonder. After the princess of Nova poisons herself with her own love potion, the nation is whipped into a frenzy searching for the cure – and talented alchemist Samantha Kemi might just be the girl to find it.

If you’ve been a bookish babe and are up to date with all our ‘Potion Diaries’ goings on then it’s time to feast your eyes on Amy’s MP! TV challenges. We sent down the lovely Luke Franks to whack some headphones on her and see just how well she knows her own book, sounds simple right? Wrong.

Extra points for being obsessed with Miss Swift. If you want to get your hands on a copy of Amy’s ‘The Potion Diaries’ you can right now, just click the links below. But don’t say we didn’t warn you about the hours of sleep you’ll lose turning the pages.

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