‘It was packed with adventure, action and I thoroughly enjoyed it’. MP!er Daniel reviews Amy Alward’s ‘The Potion Diaries’.

‘The Potion Diaries’ is a fun read packed with magic and wonder. After the princess of Nova poisons herself with her own love potion, the nation is whipped into a frenzy searching for the cure – and talented alchemist Samantha Kemi might just be the girl to find it.

MP!er and book blogger Daniel from The Bloggers Bookshop applied to grab a free copy of ‘The Potion Diaries’ through our Book Club and huzzah! He got one to review.

DanielName: Daniel
Age: 22

Had you heard of ‘The Potion Diaries’ before seeing it on Maximum Pop? If so, where did you find out about it?
I had seen the cover briefly in the book community on Twitter but I hadn’t really heard much about it. I had seen the publishing house (Simon & Schuster) promoting it on their Twitter page but besides that I didn’t research it much. If I’m honest the cover had me questioning whether it was for me.

What’s your favourite thing about the cover?
After deciding that I really enjoyed this book, I think the elements that make up the cover really well. Without spoiling too much of the plot, I really enjoy all of the subtle hints to what the ingredients of the love potion could be!

Potion DiariesIf you could have any of the potions used in the book, which would it be and why?
Well, without the need of a love potion I think the other potion I’d turn to in the book would be the charm potion! I really liked the way Sam’s grandfather used it. It was quite humorous to read about I think it could come in handy in some situations!

What did you think of the blend between fairy tale magic and the modern day?
I really enjoyed it! At first I questioned whether I thought it was working, the blend of magic and modern reality but as the novel progressed and the technology stated to play a larger roll, I thought it worked well.

Got any favourite characters? Like hot love interests or talented alchemists?
Funnily enough I quite liked Princess Evelyn through her point of view chapters. I thought the interactions she was having with her reflection were quite humorous – especially with how infatuated she was with it. I also really liked Molly!

Would you recommend ‘The Potion Diaries’ to friends?
Yeah I really would, in fact I already have! This book was a complete shock to me because from the cover and the blurb you can tell it’s definite pitched at a specific target audience, however it wasn’t all as what it seemed. It was packed with adventure, action and I thoroughly enjoyed it! If you’re a bit wary about the book from the cover or the blurb, don’t be put off! You won’t regret it!

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