Zoella loves it but there’s even more reasons to read Amy Alward’s ‘The Potion Diaries’.

‘The Potion Diaries’ is a fun read packed with magic and wonder. After the princess of Nova poisons herself with her own love potion, the nation is whipped into a frenzy searching for the cure – and talented alchemist Samantha Kemi might just be the girl to find it.

We trust Zoella’s judgement and when she tells us the right face mask for hiding our eye bags after a night of staying up too late reading, she’s spot on. She’s been reading Amy Alward’s ‘The Potion Diaries’ and absolutely loving it so we sent our Luke Franks to have a chat with Amy herself.

There’s role playing, chat up lines and of course we find out the gossip about all things ‘The Potion Diaries’.

If you were to make a potion right this second what would you use? Tweet us your recipes to @maximumpop and we’ll use them to see if Niall will fall in love with us.

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