Neon Jungle

You’re looking for facts about Amira from Neon Jungle:

  • Amira’s full name is  Amira McCarthy [source]
  • Amira is from London [source]
  • Amira is 18 and her birthday is the 2nd of February 1996  [source]
  • Her star-sign is Aquarius
  • Amira’s Twitter account is @Neon_Amira
  • Amira’s Instagram account is @Neon_Amira
  • Amira is a massive fan of Beyonce and classes her as her idol.
  • She’s double jointed- alongside Asami.
  • Amira has a tattoo of a palm tree on her forearm to remind herself of being in sunny California.
  • Amira has two very unusual piercings! The first is on underneath her tongue on the ‘web’ connecting it to her mouth and the other is on her frenulum, which connects your top lip and gum.
  • Amira is a sleep eater! She often wakes up in the night and helps herself to food from the fridge.
  • At school, Amira says she was the “teacher’s pet”

Today you learnt about Amira from Neon Jungle.


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