Big Interview: Amelia Lily chats about sampling her dog on her next single…

One of our favourites here at MP! Towers,  Amelia Lily is back after a brief hiatus following the release of her debut album. Fresh from making her comeback music video in California, for her single ‘California’ – the former X-Factor contestant gave us a quick phone call a few weeks back, to discuss her comeback to music, gerbils, her dog and Sir Tom Jones – pretty casual phone call to be honest!

MP!: This is Maximum Pop! On the line, we’ve got Amelia Lily! Alright?

Amelia: Hello, I’m good thanks, how are you?

MP!: Good, well thank you, yeah really good!

Amelia: Good

MP!: First things first, I was on your Twitter today and I saw that you tweeted you’ve almost finished Breaking Bad!

Amelia: Yes, I have I actually finished the last episode this morning!

MP!: Did you? Epic, I’m only like season three and its nice to speak to someone about it because no-one else cares and I’m well behind.

Amelia; I absolutely loved it, I’d happily watch it all again from the start.

MP!: That’s what everyone says, they say “you’re lucky because you haven’t seen it yet”, don’t spoil the ending but did it blow your mind into a million pieces?

Amelia: Yeah, I won’t destroy the ending, no.

MP!: All good, nice, it’s been a little while since we chatted to you – give us the headlines, what’s been going on?

Amelia: So basically, I got a brand new record deal with East West Warner Brothers, I’ve got a new song out called ‘California’ and I’m also in the middle of getting my album finished which will be released later this year, so pretty exciting stuff has been going on!

MP!: California is a tune, it’s proper catchy isn’t it? Well good!

Amelia: Thank you, glad you like it!

MP!: Did it cross your mind, be honest, that if you make a song called ‘California’ you might get the chance to make a well good music video, in California, did that cross your mind at all?

Amelia: Who said I haven’t already made the video?

MP!: Oh, oh good!

Amelia: Yeah I actually got the chance to go to California and shoot the music video so that was absolutely fantastic! Erm, with a little twist on it so I’m excited for people to see the video, but I think the song gives it away a little bit but I think the video is a little bit unpredictable, so yeah, I can’t wait for you to see it!

MP!: Ok, any clues for the twist or is it top secret?

Amelia: Erm, no I’m gonna let you watch it because I don’t want to give it away, I wanted the video to be, a little bit unpredictable and not what you’d expect, so yeah I’m excited.

MP!: Alright, mysterious and you got a free trip to California – that is good!

Amelia: Yeah, that was pretty fun haha.

MP!: You just smashed that, that would be a good idea for an album – just call it, you know like Touring America and then you get to do all the music videos all around the world.

Amelia: That’d be amazing right, just in the heat constantly haha!

MP!: That is what I’ll call my album that is never coming out, ever, so tell me about British Summertime because you there the other day, cool festival, right?

Amelia: Yeah I was there yesterday, it was fantastic, I had such an amazing day, it was boiling hot though and I was in a leather skirt and leather jacket so I was melting and apart from that I had an absolutely fantastic time, so that was great!

MP!: I went the other week, I saw quite a few novelty celebrities, did you spot anyone good?

Amelia: I didn’t actually, I was constantly in the media room and on stage, then off stage, then back on stage again so I didn’t actually get the chance to kinda wonder about and do much, the only time I got to do that was when I wanted to eat something which was at the end of the day, so I didn’t get to see anybody, I heard Tom Jones singing at the end of the night and he’s fantastic so I had a great day!

MP!: That’s a pretty good Sunday night seeing Tom Jones play live!

Amelia: It was, it was a great Sunday night!

MP!: Amazing, I saw you went with your dog too, Elfie, tell me about Elfie.

Amelia: Elfie’s with me right now actually..

MP!: Is she, yeah?

Amelia: Elfie hasn’t been with me for quite a while because just obviously because when you’re busy and stuff it’s hard to have a dog around, but what’s great about it now is that with the single we can start going round and letting people listen to it and she can come with me, she’s got this cute little dog house she loves to just run in to, that I carry round everywhere and she loves it, she loves going on the road!

MP!: Well good, does she get a little rider as well? Do you ask for anything for Elfie?

Amelia: Hahaha, I don’t even know what’s on my own rider, never mind Elfie’s rider!

MP!: Well good, would you ever consider sampling her on a track? You know like Jay-Z and Beyoncé sampled baby Blue, you could get a sample out of Elfie and chuck it in the mix!

Amelia: Absolutely, I’m sure we could get a bit of PPL in her.

MP!: Amazing, well good –  lets chat a little bit about California as well, we’ve mentioned it, but what’s the track all about?

Amelia: Erm, so the track is actually about a past relationship of mine and it’s basically, we were both in different parts of the world, I’m in London City, he’s in California and every time I go to California I’ve just missed him. We’re constantly crossing each-others path but we always miss each-other, just by like a few days and yeah, so what was really good about writing it was it was completely honest and the relationship didn’t actually didn’t work, but you know, it’s fun, I got a song out of it and it’s great, like I feel really passionate about the song because of that reason and hopefully people can relate to it as well.

MP!: Yeah, nice and surely that is the best way to kinda not get revenge, but get back at an ex, is write an amazing song about it and then you win.

Amelia: Yeah, I mean I’m not getting back at anyone, I just felt like it was a great topic to write a song about, so yeah, I think all good songs come from life experiences and you know, things that actually happened to you.

MP!: Absolutely, when you write a track like that, you hear some artists they go and lock themselves in a log cabin for two weeks and do nothing but write music, is that how you do it or?

Amelia: No, I’ve got a new writing team, two guys, Tim and Steve and we kind of have this chemistry when we sit in a room together, it’s like sparks are hitting off, and we totally you know, we just completely feel alive when we’re together and for me writing with them is amazing. Tim actually had an idea for the riff for the chorus and we kept like avoiding it like, I mean, we said we’ll work on that another time and we actually did get round to doing it and we just came up with this song which was California so, it was always there but it was kinda “we’ll work on that next week” but we didn’t and eventually we did a few months later and now obviously, it’s my comeback single!

MP!: Yeah, that’s cool, it’s been brewing for a little while, now’s it’s time.

Amelia: Yeah, it’s been brewing for a little while and we had this hook in there, the dun-de-dun-dun and we just decided we need to use this and anyway, the topic started and yeah, it was great writing it, so much fun!

MP!: Wicked, tell me about your fans as well because they tweet you some pretty cool stuff on Twitter, I saw one girl tweet she named her gerbil after you!

Amelia: Ah, I know.

MP!: That’s nice, right?

Amelia: I’m such an animal lover, I have a hamster myself, they kinda like, they know I like animals so they go, “I’ll get what Amelia’s got” and I find it so cute and yeah, I think one of my little fans called their hamster/gerbil Lily but yeah, my fans are amazing, but what’s so amazing about them in particular, I know every single singer/artist say “oh my fans are the best” but my fans to me are like my family, like for the past year I’ve been quite quiet, I’ve been in the studio but they still stuck by me, every single day you know “we can’t wait for your new stuff” they persevered with me and I’m so glad that they were here and hopefully it was worth the wait now, because obviously the song is out and they all seem to love it, so it’s just an amazing feeling!

MP!: Nice, exciting times! Amelia Lily, thanks very much it’s been a treat! Cheers!

Amelia: It’s been lovely chatting to you.

MP!: Wicked, you too!

Amelia: thank you!

‘California’ is available to buy on September 7th. Pre-order it here.


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