Amelia Lily will ‘Be A Fighter’ on her debut album. POP BITS.

POP BITS. It’s all getting exciting for X-Factor graduate Amelia Lily. She’s three-for-three when it comes to amazing singles and has just released the video for third single ‘Party Over’. She’s been touring the country playing in front of thousands supporting Girls Aloud. All this from a girl who was never even supposed to be in the X-Factor finals.

The video sees the pink-haired starlet seemingly travelling through time both surveying the damage of a house party as well as engaging in the debauched anarchy getting in a pillow fight with a wolf and losing a bet that ends with her getting a tattoo. It’s fair to say a good time is had by all.

It’s been a crazy whirlwind for a girl who’s still only 18. Amelia said of her experience, “Only 15 months ago, I’d just finished my GCSEs and left school. A couple of months later, I was on the biggest television show going, got knocked out, came back, got to the final, came third, & got a record deal.  Now I’ve released two singles, shot videos in Los Angeles, and recorded my first album!” The album, called ‘Be A Fighter’ will be released on April 24th and if the previous singles are anything to go by, it’ll be an absolute corker. POP BITS OUT.

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