Merry vlogmas, it’s day 7 and we’ve got some new faces for ya. Say hello to Amelia Liana, Sammi and Maria.

Greetings jolly vlogmas viewers! How is vlogmas day 7 going for you? Just a few weeks to Christmas!

Vlogmas Day 7 is again filled with fabulous festivities from all our favourite vloggers, we cannot wait to show you our top picks!

Our top picks of Day 7 consists of a festive bulldog meetup with Sammi of BeautyCrush (adorable!), Amelia Liana’s mummy shaking it off and Christmas baking with the SACCONEJOLY’s! Sounds like a very jolly and jam packed day!

Whilst our beloved Zalfie are taking a small break from daily vlogging, please send them some love! As well as love to all the new faces you see in these posts! Spread the christmas spirit, kids!

What was your favourite vlog of vlogmas day 7?

Come back tomorrow to discover the vlogmas day 8 shenanigans!

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