This new app has the power to help EVERYONE who’s feeling low

It’s a complete game changer for Gen Z

We’ve all experienced days where our mental health has spiralled and we’ve forgotten to eat, sleep and take a step away from our desks and get fresh air.

Sometimes it’s hard to look after yourself when your living with an mental or chronic illness and even the smallest of tasks can seem like a most mammoth of hurdles

That’s where Aloe App comes in.


Founded by Amber Discko, the app is currently being funded on Kick Starter and will be a complete game changer for Gen Z.

Aloe focuses on self-care and helps you look after yourself when you’re feeling low. As well as offer self-care check-ins, it gives you reminders to drink water, brush your teeth, eat, shower, take some much needed breaks from social media and so many more different things.


Sure, these tasks may sound easy to some people. But, if you’re overworked and falling into a slump at school or crippled with anxiety about future college plans, they’re easy to forget.

Aloe will ensure that tasks are getting done regularly in a non-patronising and completely understanding environment.

See? We told you it looked amazing.

The app is already receiving heaps of praise on social media and has reached $29,082 of it’s $40,000 goal.

This is where you guys come in. The project is all or nothing – so unless Aloe reaches its goal by Thursday 31st August 2017, it can’t be developed. You can pledge as little as $5 to the cause and (without sounding too corny) every little dollar REALLY does help.

We’ll definitely be pledging before Thursday. Will you? Let us know what you think of Aloe and how it would impact your life in the comments below.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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