Imogen shares her thoughts on James Dawson’s ‘All Of The Above’ that deals with sexuality and more.

With recommendations from Patrick Ness, Louise O’Neill and Lisa Williamson, ‘All Of The Above’ is proving to be one of 2015’s hottest reads – and we’re pretty fond of it too, to say the least.

We sent MP!er Imogen a totally free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Name: Imogen Perry

image1 (3)Have you read anything by James Dawson before? If you have, how does this compare? If you have not, would you be more likely to after reading ‘All Of The Above’? I have never read a James Dawson novel before but I would definitely pick up another novel of his! His protagonist-Toria- is the epitome of a teenager and he captures her character incredibly well.

‘All Of The Above’ tackles lots of issues, including mental health and sexuality, to name just two. Which stood out most to you? I think the most prominent issue that stood out to me was sexuality, it’s a key theme throughout the book and personally I think it’s more developed then the other issues it raises. This was due to Toria and how James Dawson portrays her feelings towards both Nico and Polly- and how it confuses her but you shouldn’t put a label on yourself or others and how you feel. He really captures her in a light that, I think, not many adult authors can do, but it almost felt as if her story was a real one- minus a few of the other issues- because a lot were raised.

Who was your favourite character? As much as there is a variety of characters throughout the book, I think it has to be Toria because of the journey I went through with her. How she tackles the issues she faces and her developing feelings for the characters and other, events- [not giving too much away] that in a way can effect a teenager for life.

All Of The AboveIf you had to pick a song to go with this book, what would it be? ‘The Feeling’ – Justin Bieber ft Halsey. Not only am I in LOVE with this song , but it really sums up Toria’s feelings, in particular parts of the story.

Rate out of 10.  7/10 This is only missing three marks because of the facts that a lot of issues are raised- and though that’s a good thing that they are made aware of-some were fleeting. It would have been brilliant if he focused on two or three issues and developed them in more detail, like the sexuality. But I think overall the teenage-esque parts were very much captured well and Toria’s story will stay in my head, and because of some events, in my heart for a long time.

Grab a physical copy of ‘All Of The Above’ here, or download it immediately here.

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