11 secret feelings everyone goes through before getting on stage

Doing anything in front of an audience can be nerve wracking. You might be a badass music superstar like Jesse from Paige Toon’s ‘All About the Hype’.

bobs burgers

Or maybe you’re just trying to get up there and make that presentation at school. It’s a dead cert that whatever the situation you’ll feel things. Things like this…

Feeling 1 – “I’m gross.” As your hands sweat and your underarms get prickly.


Feeling 2 – “Am I going to be sick?” as the butterflies in your stomach do somersaults.All


Feeling 3 – “I’m bailing.” When “flight” kicks in harder than “fight”.


Feeling 4 – “Am I dying? I think I might be dying.” The hypochondria reaching extreme levels with all of the above combining into a physical soup of worry.

im dying

Feeling 5 – “I suck”. Also known as “self doubt”.

i suck

Feeling 6 – “What if I fall on my face?” A legit reason to worry, but the chances are SLIM!

fall spongebob

Feeling 7 – “My mind is blank.” Temporary amnesia brought on by intense panic.

cant remember

Feeling 8 – “My feet are too big.” Genuinely feeling like part of your body is lead. Or swollen. Or unable to go on.


Feeling 9 – “Is it cold in here?” The sweat cools and your fear creeps up your spine. Cue the goosebumps, shivering… but still sweating.


Feeling 10 – “Pull yourself together!” Actual anger at yourself.


Feeling 11 – “I got this.” – Moments before you step out there it will suddenly click. You got this. Own it.

like a boss

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Written by Sarah Clare

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