ICYMI: Alfie Deyes is prestigious AF in his latest collab

With Louise meeting none other than the freakin’ Pope, it seems only right that Alfie Deyes would end up uploading one of his daily vlogs and featuring none other than, you know, the Queen. Uh, no big deal, right?!


Alfie attended the Queen’s Young Leaders event at Buckingham Palace on Thursday and, as well as rubbing shoulders with the Queen, Prince Harry and David Beckham — OMG! — he also talked at length with some of the incredibly inspiring Young Leaders.

Throughout the vlog we were grinning like absolute fools. It’s a pretty huge honour for one of our YouTube faves to be invited to the Queen’s humble abode — apparently he’s the first to ever vlog within Buckingham Palace. OMG, that’s something to put on the CV.

We also got a bit teary, ngl. Because one of the Young Leaders, Jessica Dewhurt, from South Africa, talked about how she shows Alfie and girlfriend Zoella’s videos to young kids to provide them with good role-models to grow up with. We felt dead emosh hearing that the children Jessica works with crowd around the screen every time they get to watch a new PointlessBlog vlog. Honestly, same.

Did you watch Alfie’s vlog? Are you as proud as we are? Tweet us @maximumpop and we can squeal together about this insane milestone in his YouTube career.

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