Listen up, Alfie Deyes and Carrie Hope Fletcher NEED you to hear this

Until the introduction of social media, the mere thought of talking to our idols, let alone meeting them, would have been enough to make us implode. However, we’re lucky enough to have been a part of the generation that has grown up with the internet and the means to feel considerably closer to the figures we admire.


However, just because the possibility of literally giving Alfie Deyes a hug could be a very real thing that happens… That, or being in the same vicinity as Carrie Hope Fletcher’s wonderful, rather majestic hair. All that could happen yes, but it doesn’t mean we should forget our humanity and, indeed, theirs. This is something both Alfie and Carrie in particular have voiced concerns about recently.

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Over the years a number of YouTubers have spoken out about respecting their privacy in terms of their relationships, the aspects of their lives they choose not to share on their channels and a little ol’ thing like where they live. Unfortunately it’s not unheard of for fans to turn up at YouTuber’s homes hoping to grab a quick selfie and even talk to them.

Worse still, certain publications have even inadvertently endorsed such behaviour by publishing Zalfie’s home address. This, of course, is a gross breach of privacy and one that is in no one way justified by the line ‘Well, you asked for this when you decided to become famous.’ Uh, no…


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No amount of fame or fortune (which we doubt YouTubers genuinely ever expected), or degree to which YouTubers share their lives with us means we can automatically rock up to their homes whenever we fancy. That’s rule number one.

Rule number two is having some flippin’ manners if you are ever so lucky as to meet one of your faves. This is something Alfie in particular felt the need to talk about in one of his recent vlogs.

The YouTube star ended up having an impromptu meet-up whilst at the skatepark with Sean Elliott O’Connor, and was complimented for taking the time to actually carry a conversation with his viewers, unlike some ‘rude’ YouTubers who walked off as soon as they’d had their picture taken.

Alfie was quick to evaluate the situation and point out that in some situations a quick ‘Hi!’ followed by a selfie is all a YouTuber can really do in certain contexts and that it is by no means rude.

“I had to try and explain to this boy that the YouTuber stopping for the picture and not being able to chat afterwards isn’t necessarily rude, because that YouTuber could be rushing to go meet their mum for lunch. […] That could have been the hundredth time they were stopped today; that YouTuber could have severe anxiety, social anxiety, find stopping and making that time and interaction very difficult.”

He summarised that particular story by stating perhaps the most important thing to remember in terms of both YouTubers and any particularly high-profiled individual: “YouTubers are normal people.”

So whilst our dream is to sit down with Louise Pentland and swap nightmarish dating stories, if there’s a whole crowd of other people waiting to meet her it’s not really a possibility.

louise pentland

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Also, like, they’re humans… We reckon we’d find it pretty daunting if a crowd started swarming us whilst we tried to navigate Primark, tbh. Turns out, YouTubers probs find it pretty cray too. Respect, then, that it’s a bit weird going about your day and suddenly accumulating a queue of people whilst doing your weekly food shop.

Rule number three is being respectful and grateful for a YouTubers time — and have an ounce of grace if it turns out they don’t have any for you that day.

Being attacked for not always being able to meet fans is something Carrie Hope Fletcher has been under fire for since she began acting on the stage — first in ‘Les Miserablés’ and now currently in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.

The curly haired Queen has made a distressing video about her experiences meeting subscribers at stage door, stating: “I’ve had people grab, poke, push and manhandle me. I’ve had someone shout at me because I signed somebody else’s program before I signed theirs […] I’ve had my hair pulled and touched without asking. I’ve had my phone taken out of my hand and passed around the crowd waiting at stage door…”

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Untitled-design-3 (3)

It goes without saying that this kind of behaviour is appalling. What’s more, as Carrie goes on to say in her video, buying a ticket to a theatre performance in which Carrie has a role doesn’t automatically sign you up to a meet and greet.

None of us, by default, are entitled to anything from our favourite YouTubers simply because we’ve subscribed to them. As a YouTuber, they’re providing you with content to watch. There’s no rules that say they have to meet fans, especially as most of the time this happens in their spare time when they’re just going about their day-to-day lives. So if you are lucky enough to meet them, and they’re happy to stop, give them the same respect you’d hope for back.

Tackling the question of how to act when meeting your fave YouTuber, Alfie responded by giving the following tips:

  1. Take it slow. Try not to scream in their faces, no matter how excited you might be. It’s kind of scary, lbr.
  2. Gage the situation. If there’s hundreds of people, they’re probably only going to be able to manage a quick selfie and that’s OK.
  3. Be polite. Actually say hi, don’t put all your focus on capturing the best picture.
  4. THEY’RE HUMANS THEY’RE HUMANS THEY’RE HUMANS. Majestic humans, but humans none the less.

We’re honestly kind of glad never to have come face to face with one of our faves, because the pressure would honestly probably be too much for us. But it’s a good idea to bare Alfie’s tips in mind and take into consideration how both Alfie and Carrie have felt in the past with not so good interactions with their viewers.

They are humans; they have feelings just like us and sometimes they don’t always have the time or energy, just like we don’t generally have it for Maths.

Have you ever met a YouTuber you watch? Let us know your experiences in the comments box below!

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