Duets, free albums and promoting for fifty years – 5 things we learned from Alexandra Burke’s interview with 4Music

There’s an elephant in the MP! HQ office – and it’s that some of us are ridiculously excited for the upcoming Alexandra Burke album, and some of us aren’t. Will her brand new interview with the guys at 4Music help us all to reach the same point of view? There’s only one way to find out. Keep reading for 5 things we learned, including the plans for single two, whether or not she’s working with RedOne and how she wants to promote the new CD for fifty years. Seriously.

1The Burke thinks her new album is definitely a risk. “But I love it because I’m doing things that are slightly out of my comfort zone and out of the box.” – and she admits that lead single ‘Elephant’ is *very* different to the rest of the songs she’s written.

2There will probably be three singles released before we get our greedy little mitts on the album. But remember, you can’t trust anything that crazy Burke says! “I could throw the album out there for free next week. Who knows what my crazy self will do?” Indeed.

3Expect to hear the next single sooner than you think. “Not much longer to wait. We’re going back-to-back this year, babe!” And whilst she wasn’t allowed to divulge the exact details, she did tease that the song is a duet with another male star. Hopefully not Flo Rida again.

Despite the fact that he was responsible for ‘Broken Heels’ and ‘Start Without You’, Alexandra hasn’t worked with RedOne on the new CD. But she plans to. Confused? Us too. Planning a re-release already?!

5Finally, for all those wondering why it took so long for her to produce another set of songs, it’s because she wants to feel like she didn’t rush it. “Hopefully I will be promoting this for fifty years to come.” Well you can’t fault her on being ambitious…

Watch the video for ‘Elephant’ below.

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