Alexandra Burke – Heartbreak On Hold album review

The second album from X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has finally arrived after eighteen months or so of re-releasing albums, promising single releases, delaying single releases… regardless, ‘Heartbreak on Hold’ is here and for the most part, it’s surprisingly good (good in a ‘avoiding second album syndrome’ way, mind you), if a little predictable and forgettable.

The two trailer singles aside (the divisive ‘Elephant’ and the uplifting, 90s-house-channeling ‘Let It Go’), the rest of the album is fairly solid stuff – the title track, ‘This Love Will Survive’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Tonight’ are all upbeat dance-pop bangers that do the job and are all toe-tapping enough to make the next pre-night-out prep sesh a little more fun. Best of all is ‘Sitting On Top Of The World’, an uplifting track that Robyn wouldn’t turn her nose up at and bonus track ‘Beating Still’ which should have earned a spot on the regular edition, it’s such a solidly pleasing number.

The more ballad-y ‘Between The Sheets’ and ‘Daylight Robbery’ don’t fare too bad either, giving a bit of a midtempo breather inbetween all the uptempo servings on offer – and if tracks like the 70s-sampling ‘Love You That Much’, the nice-but-filler ‘Oh La La’ and stripped-back ‘What Money Can’t Buy’ don’t exactly hit all the right buttons, it’s still a fairly impressive album that should bring Ms Burke back to the public consciousness after a fairly long hiatus. If Leona can do just as good a job, we’ll be happier than Piers Morgan when someone in America remembers his name.

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