6 reasons why you need to drop everything and read ‘Passenger’ by Alexandra Bracken

Yes, friends, ‘Passenger’ has finally set down on UK shores. It is ready for you to board. A journey that stretches through time and moves from place to place; this book is the cause of some serious time-hopping wanderlust.


But why should you read? Why, oh why? Read on, duck, read on.

1. Time travel. Yep, let’s get the big one out of the way. This book has time travel in it. TIME TRAVEL! (If we repeat it enough you might get as excited about it as we were). Handled in a fresh and compelling way which is such a wonderful thing to see.

time travel

2. Etta. Our leading lady is an engaging character in the beginning and then she’s thrown into a life she couldn’t possible imagine ever existing for her… and we end up loving her even more.

dog up

3. Nicholas. Our leading lad. He’s just as fun as Etta to keep up with in the narrative. There is a clear difference in their voices which makes the change of POV easy to take on board. Me hearties. (Because ‘on board’ is sort of a ship pun… No? Just us?)


4. Writing style. The author has a very detailed writing style in this book which gives the world building great depth and brings both setting and character to life. You can see it, smell it, feel it and even taste some of it. A delicious story! Ready for you to devour!

cookie montser

5. The love interest. Does not completely overpower the plot, and it’s also good to see this pairing. (We know it’s obvious to those who have read it, but we’re trying to stay as spoiler free as possible!)

bleach heart

6. THE END. Holy smokes, Batman. If you’ve read any of Bracken’s other books then you’ll know she does a cliffhanger good. But this one seems to take the biscuit and left us gagging for a sequel.


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