5 reasons why this ‘Passenger’ event was a total ride!

April saw an evening with ‘Passenger’ author Alexandra Bracken with fellow YA authors Melinda Salisbury and Eliza Wass, hosted by the lovely Laure Eve, and we have all the reasons it was an absolute hoot.


What are you waiting for? Read on, read on!

1. The NY Times bestselling author, Alexandra Bracken visited London for 2 days to meet fans at Waterstones King’s Road. That’s right. For just TWO DAYS ONLY PEOPLE! As you can imagine, there was a very healthy signing queue at the end, and some very happy fans (see ‘3’).

gravity falls

2. The event at Waterstones was a wonderful panel with Mel Salisbury, Eliza Wass and was chaired by Laure Eve, YA author and marketeer at Hachette Children’s Books. Hoo boy. What a line-up.


And with questions ranging from the more serious “do you ever self-censor whilst writing?” and “what do you wish someone had told you at the start of your career?” to the more daft, it was très insightful.

3. The event was full – there were bloggers, booksellers and fans who were all willing to queue for over an hour and a half after the event to get their books signed. Now THAT’S dedication, and also why we love the YA crowd.


4. During the panel discussion the electricity went off and the ecent continued in the dark – this made everyone laugh and added to the atmosphere. They were also talking about the darker themes in the book at that time, so the lighting was a perfect companion to the conversation.


We’re not pointing any fingers but if we were… *cough* Melinda *cough cough*

5. Laure asked each author quick fire questions and one of the hardest to answer was – which would you choose: Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch?


This is important stuff right here. So we gotta know, who would you choose? Tweet us your answer @maximumpopbooks – Your life may depend upon it.

If you want to catch up with all the awesomesauce that is ‘Passenger’ you can get your copy right here.

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