MP! Soapbox: Alex Aiono opens up about racial profiling in THIS emotional letter

What he says is so important

We think it’s important for young people to have a space where they can openly talk about issues or causes that they feel strongly about. That’s why we created the MP! Soapbox.

Our soapbox is a platform where Gen Z can discuss whatever’s on their mind. Some stars (like Yungblud) have decided to discuss the political unrest that’s currently going on in the world, whilst others have spoken out about other woke human rights issues.

Now it’s YouTuber meets singer/songwriter, Alex Aiono’s turn. Alex opened up to us about how his sister was racially profiled in his MP! Soapbox and it’s an incredibly emotional read.

This is Alex Aiono’s MP! Soapbox…

Everyone has a story. Sometimes we see someone and we think we know their deal, but most of the time we don’t. The world is super fast. Everyone’s “truth” is on Google. But most people’s stories aren’t as obvious as they appear. The flight attendant who wasn’t initially responsive could be hearing impaired and read lips. Your water could be a PHD from another country who’s education doesn’t apply in your country so he has to take your order to feed his family. Earlier this year, one of my sisters was racially profiled in a grocery store and I was hurt and devastated. Why assume other’s background based on what they look like. There is no excuse for anyone who does bad things, but we all have a story that makes us who we are. I think we are all guilty of not taking enough time to look a little deeper at people before we appoint ourselves judge and jury.

Alex Aiono

PS: I think acai bowls and sushi are the greatest :)

Want to hear more of Alex Aiono?

You can watch the video for Alex’s latest track ‘Question’ below. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel for incredible cover videos or visit his website for a list of his upcoming shows with Sabrina Carpenter and New Hope Club.

Let us know what you think of Alex’s MP! Soapbox in the comments. Also tell us who you’d like to see write one next.

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