Alessia Cara takes our British Citizen test and isn’t the ‘Know-it-all’ she claims to be!

Canadian singer-songwriter, Alessia Cara, is currently winning the hearts of thousands, including us Brits.  After a few visits to the UK, we thought it was time to put Alessia’s knowledge to the test. Let’s see how she gets on…


A Cadbury Freddo Bar used to cost 5p but has since gone up in price – how much does it cost now? 

1 pound? I have no idea. I’m gonna get every single question very wrong.

Incorrect. It’s now 20p, which is equally an outrage as £1. Which percentage of the Earth’s land does The Queen own – one-sixth or one-eighth? 

I’m gonna say one-sixth because she’s the queen and she can.

Correct! True or False – it is legal for kids 5 and over to drink alcohol at home or on other private premises

It shouldn’t be!

While we agree, it’s, in fact, true. One Direction are the UK’s biggest boyband – which member originally auditioned for ‘The X Factor’ two years before the year of One Direction? 

I think Louis is the oldest so him?

Good thinking strategy but incorrect – it was Liam. True or False – Nigeria has more English Speakers than the United Kingdom

I’m gonna say false.

Actually, it’s true! What is the average age for a first kiss in the UK? 


Very close! But 15 is the actual answer. True or False – The British Navy uses Britney Spears’ songs to scare off Somali pirates

False. Britney Spears’ songs would definitely attract Somali pirates.

Nope, weirdly it’s true! What is the name of the river that flows in London?

Thames River.

It’s River Thames, but we’ll give you that one. Which famous band hails from Liverpool?

I had to Google this one and I was delighted to find out it was the Beatles. You learn something new every day.

Cheating! But we’ll turn a blind eye and let you off with that one. What breed are The Queen’s dogs?

I have no clue. Royal dogs?

The actual breed is Welsh Corgi. What is the name of the British National Anthem? 

“British and we know it” ? (I’ve already failed so I’m just making things up at this point)

While we wish it was, it’s actually ‘God Save The Queen’.  Finally, what is the price of a plastic bag?

2-5 pence, I’m gonna say.

Correct! It’s actually 5p. 

Alessia scored 4/10 and therefore would not pass as a British citizen. This means she needs to fly back out and visit us again very soon as part of compulsory revision. See you soon, Miss Cara!

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