Alesha Dixon talks new single, Britain’s Got Talent and – *OMG* – the Mis-Teeq reunion!

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Hello, Alesha! What’s new with you?
Hello! I’ve got a new single with Ashley Walters called ‘Your Love’ and it is coming out on 14 October. We shot the video last week and it felt amazing to be back on set. It’s really given me the thirst to get back on stage and get back in the swing of what got me where I am today.

If it’s not too much of an inconvenience, we’d quite like you to put out another album, please.
Will there be a new album? I’m trying, I’m working on it. I really do miss being on stage – that’s what I love, that’s what I do.

So you’re definitely planning more solo stuff? That’s exciting!
For me, no matter what I do, at the heart of it, music and touring is what I love and what I want to do. That is where I feel at home, that is where I am happiest and I am trying my hardest to make another album happen.

Will you be returning to the BGT panel in 2013?
I am going to be back on Britain’s Got Talent… they’ve asked me back and I have said I would like to come back… I haven’t signed a contract yet but YES, I will be back!

(Alesha LOVED our reporter,
Jon Hornbuckle!)

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Fantastic. Have you had a chance to catch up with Ashleigh and Pudsey since the show?
I’ve heard that Pudsey is flying around the world in private jets – it is unbelievable! Such a lucky dog but he is entertaining! He has a good life. I haven’t seen them yet but I have heard they are doing so well and are on all the biggest talk shows in America which is a huge deal.

You must be the biggest multi-tasker on Planet Pop. TV, music, fashion, charity work and now perfume… but you haven’t yet conquered the literary world. Why is that?
I haven’t felt the time is right to do a book yet, there are a few that have been done about me but they have been unauthorized books which were a collection of interviews I had done. I haven’t read them myself… The books happening were something that was out of my control. Don’t call me weird but I try to put a positive spin on everything and I look at it like this – if somebody is going to write a book about you, there is obviously a story to tell!

What are the chances of you doing a Mis-Teeq reunion?
I would love a Mis-Teeq reunion… Su-Elise was staying over at my house the other day. She lives in Australia at the moment so I don’t think there will be a reunion anytime soon purely because of the logistics but I am working on it! I am trying to convince them to do something… I want to do a one-off show, a few nights in London with the girls, I am trying to get that to happen.

Amazing! Thank you very much, Alesha Dixon!
Thank you!

Alesha Dixon is the face of the new Sweet Smile fragrance from Impulse.[/column]

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