We chat with Aled from Cut Ribbons about their album ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’.

We had a natter with the lovely Aled from Welsh dream pop band Cut Ribbons to chat about their debut album ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’, found out what their new single is and spoke about how white horses are more special than other coloured horses. Obvs.

We’re here to speak about your new album ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’ so our first question is if you loved something, why would you want to watch it burn?

I think the whole premise of the album’s name comes from what will be our next single, it’s the title of our next single. That song is about reckless abandonment. It showcases the versatility of everything  but hopefully it’s done in a tongue and cheek kind of way. That’s what the album title represents.

As the album title has eight words in it, we want you to describe the album in eight words.

Dreamy, pop, full of summer hits, pretty grand.

You’ve previously said that there “were many dark days” whilst making this record, were there moments when you felt like giving it all up?

I suppose there were but they soon disappear once you resign yourself to thinking that no one member is bigger than the actual songs. It’s something that we’ve really dedicated most of our lives to doing, to pursue music, and it didn’t seem right to get to this point of making an album and giving up. We’ve grown as a band because of it and now we’re in a much better place.

Will you be touring the album anytime soon?

Yeah! Once all the festivals are out of the way after the summer we’ll be out at around the end of September doing a UK tour and then possibly some European dates after that.

What’s your personal favourite track from the album and why?

I think probably the title track ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’. That’s because, with the direction we want to go in musically, it showcases where we’re going to go. There’s also a track called ‘Truth In Numbers’ which is just a really trippy song but as far as the album is concerned, we’ve already got half of the next album done and I think ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’ is my favourite because it’s in the sam vein as the songs already recorded for the next album.

If you could give any track from the album to any other artist to, who would you choose and what song would you give them?

That’s a cool question! This is a really difficult one. There’s a song called ‘Sink Ships’ on the album and it’s quite dark but it has this huge crescendo at the end and it’d be nice to give that to somebody completely different stylistically and musically. I’d love to give it to somebody.

To finish up, we’re going to ask you some questions based on some of the album’s track titles.

Which member of the band do you think would look best with ‘Indigo’-coloured hair?

That’s got to be Lluan.

Which track from the album do you think would be the best to listen to if you were ‘In The Rain’?

I think it’s got to be ‘In The Rain’. We’ve played it a few times at festivals in the rain and the audience have enjoyed.

Do you think you’d be any good at ‘Walking On Wires’? If not, which member of the band do you think would be best at it?

I’ve tried it a couple of times although it didn’t end too well for me. I think Chris would be pretty good at it.

Are ‘White Horses’ any more special than different coloured horses?

Yeah they are more special, definitely.

Finally, what do you hope to have achieved by the time your next album is released?

I think just to be able to continue touring as much as possible, to be out on the road where we’re the most comfortable. Either than or staying in the studio. I just hope we can continue the momentum of the band and push forward.

Cut Ribbons’ debut album ‘We Want To Watch Something We Loved Burn’ is out now. Order here.

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