WHOA! You’ll never believe how much you actually get for working at THIS supermarket

If it’s alright for Snoop Dogg…

The January sales are now on, but we spent too much money on our Mum’s Christmas present to buy anything for ourselves. Where is the justice?!

Don’t panic! We’re here for you. Last month, we compiled a list of eight amazing jobs for teens but if none of those were your thing, we’ve got you another option. Aldi, the German supermarket chain, will be the highest paying supermarket from February onwards. Per hour, employees will receive £8.53 or £9.75 if in London. Not bad, huh?!

Matthew Barnes, CEO for Aldi UK, said “We remain committed to being the best supermarket employer in Britain. This means that we will continue to provide employees with rates of pay and benefits that are the highest in the supermarket sector.”

Not convinced? Calvin Harris (who happens to be worth $110 million as of 2016) used to work in a supermarket and so did Snoop Dogg (who’s racked up a nice $135 million in his career). So if it’s alright for Snoop, it’s alright for you!

We’re not surprised they’re worth that much with an hourly rate like that! Just think Rihanna throwing a wad of dollar bills at some guy who tried to talk to her. You’ll be walking around in your gold suit in no time.

*take that, peasant!*

Would you want this job? Will you try to get one of the jobs we’ve recommend in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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