ALARM POP: Austin Mahone – ‘What About Love’

We know we are spoiling you with all this mega amazing pop but we can’t help ourselves. It’s time for another Alarm Pop! where we reinforce the belief that an ace pop song a day helps keep the doctor away.

This Alarm Pop! is dedicated to the second coming of Justin Bieber. The Biebs is very busy with making music, movies and running over paparazzo, so it’s only natural that someone should step forward to help carry the heavy burden of being a super hot pop heart throb. Enter Austin Mahone, a 17 year old Texan who can sing, dance, write songs and, judging by his latest video, has quite nice arms.

Wanna know an interesting pop fact about Mahone? His cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Mistletoe’ once gathered more views than the actual real life video for ‘Mistletoe’. We predict a 1D/Wanted style fued between these two.

Austin’s first UK release is called ‘What About Love’ which has been stuck in our heads since we first pressed play. It’s an electronic poppy dance romp filled with rifts and synths and the overdue return of probably pop’s greatest producer, RedOne. The track is slightly reminiscent of a song that NSync would have released but with a hint of something that is incredibly current.  Think ‘Gonna Be Me’ mixed with Bieber’s ‘All Around the World’ with a dash of Chris Brown’s ‘Yeah 3x’- sounds like a recipe for awesomeness, right?

So the song is great, Austin can sing and dance, it features a top music producer… there is only one question left- Is he fit? HELL, YEAH!

‘What About Love’ is due for release on September 2nd but you can preorder it on iTunes now. If you can’t wait that long to bask in the poppy goodness of it all, just play the video below over and over and over again, like us.

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