Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ gives the West End a whole new sparkle

Last weekend we got the chance to check out the newest addition to London’s West End theatre scene, and it’s a show we’d been impatiently waiting to see.

As you might have noticed, we love all things Disney around here, whether it’s Disney films (classic or new), the Disney Channel, or the incredible Disney musicals. Still running almost 20 years after it premiered, ‘The Lion King’ is obviously the most famous, but the stage adaptations of films like ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Mary Poppins’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ have also been huge hits. The latest to arrive in London, after five successful years on Broadway, is ‘Aladdin.’

Now it’s time to answer the all-important question: How does it match up to the movie we all grew up with?

  1. Jasmine and Aladdin are our new OTP

Even though we’d seen the film and knew the ending, we were still 100% caught up in the ups and downs of Jasmine and Aladdin’s love story. These two are a perfect pairing, and when they duetted on ‘A Whole New World’ while flying around on an actual magic carpet, our lives were officially complete.

2. The Genie is… genius!

The love story between Aladdin and Jasmine is beautiful, but the hilarious Genie still manages to steal the show. The larger than life character is played by Trevor Dion Nicholas, who was previously part of the Broadway cast.


He acts as a kind of compere, introducing the show and entertaining the audience with fast-paced jokes and extravagant musical numbers. He even gets to perform a Disney medley, which the crowd adored. We’ve never seen an audience clap so long in the middle of a show – it was like being at a Taylor Swift concert (just without the surprised face).

2. No opportunity to sparkle is wasted

No matter whether the scene takes place in a palace, cave or marketplace, you can guarantee it’ll be sparkly. Every outfit, set piece and prop was an excuse for glitter, jewels and sequins. We wish real life was more like this. Maybe we should move to Agrabah?


3. Blink and you’ll miss another cheeky reference

The script of the original film has been re-written for the stage show, and it’s full of witty lines, including loads of references that you’ll love if you’re pop culture-obsessed like us. The Genie even quotes this…

And this…

treat yo self

It’s all very #current.

4. It’s kinda scary!

‘Aladdin’ is a great show for all the family, but be warned if you’re taking young kids along: there are some scary bits! When we were there, one of the younger audience members had to be escorted out in tears during the scene when Aladdin gets trapped in the creepy cave.


5. Jasmine proves you can be a princess and a feminist

We loved the feminist themes that came up between Jasmine, Aladdin and her father, the king. She’s determined to make her own decision about who she marries, and she stands up for her right to inherit her father’s power, and rule the kingdom. She doesn’t see why she should give that up to a man. Yes, Jasmine! That’s true princess power.

‘Aladdin’ is now open at the Prince Edward Theatre and booking until 2017. Have you got tickets? Tweet us @maximumpop and let us know!

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