And the winner is… We chat to AG Howard about all things ‘Splintered’ + WIN! Signed copy of ‘Untamed’

 AGHowardWe got to chat to author A.G. Howard, author of the ‘Splintered’ series about her fave books, what to expect from ‘Untamed’, and who she ships: Jeb or Morpheus?

We know all authors have to be at least a tiny bit fond of their writing. Can you quote your favourite line from your own work?Haha. Yeah, we’re all a bit narcissistic. But it’s kept in check with a heavy does of neuroticism. ;) I have different favorite quotes from each book, but if I had to pick my very favorite from the ‘Splintered’ series, it would have to this quote, delivered by Morpheus to Alyssa in book one, because it encapsulates Wonderland’s madness: “Netherling logic resides in the hazy border between sense and nonsense.”

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And obviously, authors not only love writing, but are big book nerds too. What’s your fave book EVER? Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. In my opinion, it’s flawless. The dark mood, the mystery, the gothic undertones and heart-wrenching romance, the characterization, the era / setting, and the prose. I can’t get enough. I have read that story over and over and over, and still cry at the end. I hope to write something that amazing one day.

What made you want to write a darker version of Lewis Carroll’s classic story? It was a given that I would one day see something which would ignite the spark for an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ adaptation since I’ve always been a huge fan of Lewis Carroll’s genius. The actual idea came to me when I went to see the Tim Burton & Disney Alice adaptation. The cinematography was so vivid, techno-colored, and evocative that I didn’t want to leave the setting when it was over. So I started playing out Wonderland continuations and scenarios in my mind. I decided to write a follow-up story about the Carroll’s world, making things a little darker and a little funkier. I wanted it to be contemporary and different than it had ever been done so maybe teens today would be drawn into the original like I had been at their age.

What do you want readers knowing before they pick up ‘Untamed’? Be sure to read all the other books of the series first! Major spoilers in this one. Also, don’t think of Untamed as goodbye to the ‘Splintered’ Series. Think of it as: “Until next time.” :)

If you had to choose personally: Jeb or Morpheus? If I were me as I am now, with no magical qualities other than wielding a pen, I would be more comfortable with Jeb. He’s very much like my husband. Protective. Noble. Loyal. Strong ethical code. But I can’t deny that Morpheus appeals to my sense of adventure, and if I were magical, I’d follow him anywhere. Sadly, as it stands, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with him for long. I’m lacking the characteristics that would make me his equal. Fortunately, Alyssa has both human and magical qualities, so she’s a good match for either guy.

And speaking of Young Adult, if you met yourself when you were 15, what would you tell yourself? The most important thing you’ll ever need is a strong core of self-respect. Self-respect comes from knowing, accepting, and loving who you are. We’re all individuals. So how can someone else’s idea of normal be the same as yours? We have different gifts that make us unique. Find what yours are and embrace them—nurture and grow them. Because if you’re true to yourself, even if you’re teased about it sometimes, you will find your own version of “normal.” And in turn, you’ll find your happiness. Also, you can read more advice I’ve given to my teen self on this Dear Teen Me Interview from a couple of years ago.

And if we’re travelling back in time, what would you want to say to the first person you kissed? Thanks for not laughing at me when I slobbered and giggled and made a fool of myself. :) And thanks for being gentle and sweet. You set a high standard for how I expected to be treated in a relationship from that moment on. You’ll be glad to know that I never settled for any less.

Finally, because we all want to know where the magic happens, send us a picture of where you write. Well, I think it might be more fun to share an image of the bulletin board in my office, so you can get an early peek at my Phantom of the Opera YA.



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