Oh hi part 1 of The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction is Larry af.

After much anticipation, The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 3 is finally online (or at least part 1, anyway) as part of The 12 Days of AAOOD 3 and we bloody loved it. Here’s our five favourite things about part one.

1 The cartoons have hit puberty

We noticed this in AAOOD 2 but good ol’ Mark Parsons has made sure to keep the boys evolving along with the real 1D and they have hit puberty yet again. Just look at them – they even have facial hair.


Whether you ship them as your OTP or just long for their fetus days friendship, Larry are still BFFs in AAOOD 3

larry aaood

3“We need you, Zayn”

Even though this is the year where five became four, Mark still fricking loves Zayn and decided it wouldn’t be the same without him in the cartoon. We cried, tbh.

Zayn aood

Number 4 Harry’s slowness 

We know that real Harry isn’t stupid, but we love his simple mind in AAOOD 3, not to mention Psymon’s frustration with it. We love cartoon Harry almost as much as the real deal.


5This bit

aaood 3

Sums up the fandom in 2015, doesn’t it?

Watch part one below and get ready for part two tomorrow! We’ve set a reminder.

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