All the ways to stick your fingers together while making an Adventure Time desk tidy

Crafts and DIY are great fun. But that fun also comes with some serious hazards. Mostly, things that can stick body parts to other body parts. When we tried making an ‘Adventure Time’ desk tidy our fingers took the brunt of it. Never has BMO been so deadly…


We knew what we wanted to make, but first we needed to decide the materials, and possibly a tutorial to follow.

Our material of choice? Cardboard? Something sensible like that? No, no. Hama beads. Or, perler beads, depending on who/where you buy them from.


First things first, the sorting. So we reckoned that this greeny colour was the closest we were gonna get to BMO’s actual shading, and because, again, we’re really sensible, we bought packs of mixed colours.


Cue hours of sorting.


We quickly learned something… Tweezers are a MUST. It makes a fiddly task into a slightly less fiddly task.


Looking good. And only half an hour in. This was going to be a piece of cake.

giphy (1)


THE LAST BEAD FOR THE FRONT! Rejoice! Only 3 more sides to go… But for now, it’s party time as the iron comes out for the next stage.


If you’ve never used/seen Hama beads before, you basically make your pattern on these peg boards, cover it in grease-proof paper and then iron it so the beads melt and fuse your pattern together. FOREVER!


There’s a real knack to this which, trust, not everyone possesses. At all. The middle will probably melt harder than the edges and then there will be that one single bead that refuses to melt at all. FYI, lighter colours melt better and faster than the darker ones.


If it’s done the whole thing will just pull off the board. Easy!


Now for the glue! You could just insert his features straight into the pattern, but the 3D effect looked cool, so that’s what we went for…


Totaly derp moment. Not the first, and definitely not the last. But yes, that’s what a pair of superglued digits look like. Luckily it didn’t take too much effort to pull them apart. And the pain was minimal…

giphy (2)


‘Adventure Time’ fans will be thinking “wait a minute, BMO isn’t pink and purple”. And you would be right. However, part way through the back the green ran out, and then the blue ran out… so… Pink and purple it was! #originality


TIME FOR HOT GLUE! Super glue just won’t cut it to stick the sides together. We tried a different contact adhesive, but all it did was fuse our fingers to the plastic. So hot hot hot glue it is! There is no photographic evidence of the dickery we created using this thing. But trust us when we say if you touch this stuff before it sets… IT’S HOT! REALLY HOT! And will stick your arm to your t-shirt if you’re not careful…

giphy (3)


And there it is! We used a piece of cardboard (cereal box) for the bottom, and then it was ready to go. This is obvs the back. And the from the front…


Sweet, huh? We’re pretty proud. Even though it was at least 4 hours work… The end product is probably worth it.

giphy (4)

If you want to have a go, the tutorial we used is below. Happy beading!

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