Last minute shopping? We are obsessed with everything from Adolescent Clothing please Santa!

Okay so we know it’s a little late for adding to our Christmas lists but we do still have 8 days to go so we are sure Santa can change it in time! We’ve been scrolling through Adolescent Clothing and we’re obsessed.

If you love a quirky quote and a comfortable basic it’s for you! We have only got 10 things to add to our list, we think we’ve done quite well because we could have had everythanggg.

1. ‘sup homie?’ £25 for when you’re too sloth like to talk…

sup homie 25

2. ‘GO SHAWTY ITS SHERBERT DAY’ £18 for when, well it’s Sherbert Day (‘APPY BIRTHDAY.)

sherbert day 18

3.PEACE-ZA’ £18 so you never have to tell anyone your food order again, or what you want from the world.

peace za 18

4. ‘OOTD’ £35 when you wanna be a blogger but your inner self can’t be bothered to get ready.

ootd 35

5. ‘meh.’ £18 for when it’s Monday.

meh 18

6. ‘FRY DAY’ £18 for when it’s FRYDAY.

fry day 18

7. ‘i’m on a CHAMPAGNE DIET’ £25 for when someone tells you you look good or like poop. Depending on if it’s Friday night or Saturday morning…

champagne diet 25

8. ‘BASIC BITCH’ £18 when you’ve just gotta call yourself out.

basic bitch 18

9. ‘EXERCISE EX-ER-CIZE EX-ARE-SIZE EGGS-ARE-SIDES FOR BACON BACON!!!’ £18 for so you can justify your diet.

bacon 18

10. ‘best in black’ £18 because you shouldn’t have to justify wearing black. It is slimming! And it does go with everything.

best in black 18

Let us know if you are gonna put any of these on your lists and tweet us pictures if you get any @maximumpop

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