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Adam Lambert is out on his own tour, but what was it like touring with ‘Queen’? Adam spills it all.

Adam Lambert has been touring with Queen for quite a while now but now he’s ventured out on his own for ‘The Original High Tour’, which we’re blooming excited about.


He spoke about touring with the iconic Queen and said “The interesting thing about being on tour with them was that I saw such a cross-section of different ages and races and genres. It was a very broad audience, and that’s sort of similar to what I see at my shows. I see kids. I see their parents. I see their parent’s parents.”

“With (Queen) it really came down to me just having to prove it, that I had a right to be there, which is good. I like a challenge. It’s easy to write off somebody from a TV show talent competition but…I think we were successful.”

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And what it was like working with them: “I loved working with them. They are classy and inspiring and they’ve given me a lot of freedom within the music, which I’m very grateful for.”

We’re sad we never got to see him tour with Queen but at least ‘The Original High Tour’ is on its way to the UK and it won’t be long until he pops up in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show‘!

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