Adam Lambert talks Madonna comeback, new video, making sweet passionate love: MP! Exclusive

Here’s 3 things we learnt from Adam Lambert’s IN:DEMAND interview that we’ve heard and you haven’t.

1Adam on Madonna’s comeback: “I’m excited. I’m excited to see what she’s got in store for us. I’ve always been a Madonna fan. I think she’s super bold and she works with great producers. I’m glad she’s working with William Orbit again because the ‘Ray of Light’ album is probably my favourite Madonna era. So I’m excited.”

WHAT WE LEARNT: Adam Lambert is excited for Madonna’s comeback and has good taste in Madonna albums.


Adam on his new video which you can watch here: “A lot of the ideas in it were mine. There was also a lot of input from Diane Martel who created the ‘Whataya Want From Me’ video – she consulted on this. And the lovely director Ray Kay had a lot to contribute as well. I encouraged and insisted that the video not be the obvious interpretation of the song, I always like to kinda give things a twist. So we came up with something that was very much a new idea and it just so happened that when the first idea started developing it mirrored the concept of my album – the whole light and dark duality thing so I thought it was really perfect.”

WHAT WE LEARNT: Lots of people helped make the new Adam Lambert video.


Adam on the best song on his new album to make sweet passionate love to: “Probably ‘Broken English’ – yeah – that’s a sexy jam. Unless you’re like a bunny rabbit when you have sex, then there’s a couple probably faster ones *laughs*; but if you really like to *deep voice* ‘make love’ *laughs*.

WHAT WE LEARNT: Some people have sex like a bunny rabbit and you’re probably too young to be reading MP!

Adam Lambert’s IN:DEMAND interview airs Thursday 09 February at 8pm. Listen live here. The details have been added to our Pop Diary.

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