Who knew Adam Lambert’s fans were such angels?!

You may remember Adam Lambert as the US American Idol contestant with the jet black hair, but he is now much more than that with a fandom to prove it.

Fans of Adam Lambert (Glamberts) from the  UK have come together to make an unofficial charity project approved by Adam’s team to send care packages to patients suffering breast cancer, along with other forms of cancer. It is called ‘Touch of Sparkle’, and Glamberts have just raised the bar.

Packages include necessities such a toothbrushes and socks, along with pampering items such as nail polish. To keep the patients distracted and happy the packages also include items such as Adam Lambert’s CD,  puzzles, and playing cards! The items for the packages come from a Gofundme as well as an Amazon wish list set up. If this wasn’t already the coolest fandom idea, the CD’s given to the patients are donated by Glamberts around the world!

We highly encourage you (Glambert or not) to get involved in this lovely campaign! Make sure to follow the Touch of Sparkle Twitter for updates on how you can help out. Music fans make the world go around!

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Written by Julia Contorno

Lover of cats, concerts, and coffee.

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