Don’t forget, action/1D is still awesome and it still needs you!

One Direction believes in its fan; they’ve seen their power. They’ve watched them take five teenagers from X Factor and turn them into global superstars. They’ve witnessed them take a song off an album and turn it into a DIY single.  They know their fans have the numbers and the determination to create change, and now Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam want them to use that power for something bigger.

On 8 July, One Direction introduced their huge new charitable initiative, action/1D. They released a video of the four boys urging fans to make 2015 a year like no other by rallying together and raising their voices. “We can be part of something that actually makes a difference to our future and helps people who need the support,” Louis says.

It’s an empowering video, showing how much One Direction believes in its fans and believes they can inspire world leaders at two United Nations summits this year to better address issues such as inequality, poverty, and climate change. It was a big enough deal for Hillary Clinton, United States presidential candidate for 2016, to take notice.

On the official website, action/1D is described as “part of action/2015, a group of organisations from all over the world calling on world leaders to make the right decisions for all of our futures.” With these two United Nation summits in September and November, 2015 is a crucially important year, bringing with it a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to set the global agenda,” action/2015 says. One Direction wants its fans to be a part of this opportunity.

For the past week, One Direction has been posting categories for fans to submit videos. “Show what you care about,” the website says. “Your photos and videos on this site will tell everyone about the things that matter to you. And in September we’ll launch a specially commissioned film made from thousands of your contributions to show world leaders the world you want to live in.”

Categories so far have been:

  • I want to live in a world where…
  • Celebrate
  • Our world
  • Water
  • Climate change

Videos from fans have been pouring in, and there is no doubt that the final compilation One Direction’s team puts together will be powerful. The next category is set to be revealed on Friday 17 July, with a video from Niall and Liam detailing their personal initiative on 20 July. (Louis’s came out on 14 July, where he spoke about wanting to live in a world where every sick child has access to healthcare.) Harry’s video will be the final one on 27 July.

As the four boys continue on their On The Road Again Tour around North America this summer, it’s easy for dramatic headlines to take the spotlight away from this important cause. But no matter what drama is front page news, there are still people living in this world without food or clean water or a proper doctor. One Direction is creating a bridge between its fans and world leaders, giving them a voice they might not otherwise have. We hope you’ll join Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam by creating a video and being a part of action/1D.

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