There’s a new viral challenge going around and it’s pretty silly

We love the internet and all its craziness but there are some pretty stupid (and dangerous) trends that end up going viral. Remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? Well there’s a new silly challenge in town and this time it involves body-shaming. Not cool, guys.

The A4 Waist challenge started in Asia and basically involves girls holding  a piece of paper in front of them with the goal of their waists being thinner than it. Err, okay? We’re not sure what the point of that is.


It’s 8 inches wide like, c’mon guys, that’s a bit ridiculous. We think all body shapes should be celebrated, but surely there are more important things to be focusing on in life than being thinner than a piece of paper?

Fortunately, a lot of people began to see how silly the entire trend really was and posted their own take on the challenge.


Spread the love ’cause we’re all beautiful, innit?

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