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WHOA! The actress who played Sara in ‘A Little Princess’ has had THE most dramatic life ever!

“I am a princess. All girls are!”

If ‘A Little Princess’ wasn’t one of your favourite films growing up then you had a sad, depraved childhood.

OK, that was a bit extreme, but it really was one of the best films of the ’90s and it taught us that every girl is a princess. Who couldn’t fall in love with the protagonist, little Sara Crewe, when she proved she is approximately 5634594x more wise than we are when she was still in single digits.

I am a princess, all girls are
Credit: Tumblr
A Little Princess
Credit: Tumblr
A Little Princess
Credit: Tumblr
A Little Princess
Credit: Tumblr
A Little Princess
Credit: Tumblr

We always wondered what happened to our favourite protagonist, portrayed by the then 11 year old Liesel Pritzker Simmons. Liesel seemingly dropped off the face of the earth after her role in ‘A Little Princess’, save for a turn in ‘Air Force One’ and that was in 1997! What’s she been up to for the past 20 years?

It turns out that the now 33 year old Liesel has had just as an eventful life as Sara Crewe had. After finishing high school she enrolled in Columbia University and intended to continue her acting career. However, she called time on that particular dream in her freshman year when she instead decided to sue her father and family over an inheritance dispute.


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Liesel’s family, the Pritzkers, are actually one of the wealthiest families in the US, ranking at No.8 on Forbes rich list in 2016 with around $29 billion to their name. DAMN! They own the Hyatt hotel chain, don’t cha know?

After a long legal battle Liesel and her brother Matthew won $900 million in 2005 when Liesel herself was still only 20. With all that cash that the heiress could have turned into a little princess herself, but instead she decided to move to India worked as a volunteer teaching drug addicts yoga.

Now she travels the world with her husband funding economic projects and basically being an all-round philanthropist and do-gooder. Captain Crewe would be proud!

This 2013 interview with Liesel about using money to help others is the most inspiring thing we have seen in years! This is the true meaning of being a princess.

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